Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letters of support

Good morning to all!
I talked to Mechele last evening as she wants me to continue to express her thanks to all of you that have written on the blog, emailed me, and written to her. She has asked that any of you who actually want to write a letter of support and concern that her case be given consideration to be re-opened, ie, appeal, further investigation,etc. direct your letters to my home address to please do so. That way we can give copies to her attys as well as direct these letters to the sources that will have the greatest influence on our case. They can be addressed "To Whom it May Concern," and we can send them to legislators, prosecutors, etc. Although our supporters come from various states and not inclusive to Alaska, we are all still citizens and have a right to express ourselves when an injustice has been done. By having these letters ahead of time and in bulk we will be in a good position once the appeal has been granted to send them to the right people. After the appeal decision is rendered we are also preparing to do an on-line petition. Your help in securing these letters is needed and greatly appreciated. You can send them to me, Sandy McWilliams, 3116 Prescott Dr,Moss Point,Ms. 39562. Should anyone have any concerns or questions with regards to the content of the letters please feel free to email me at I can assure you that each and every one will be personally answered and always appreciated.

Thanks, so very much for caring! Please remember, this could have been your daughter, your sister, mother or wife!!


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jordan1976 said...

I have shown my support and emailed you a letter. I hope this helps and i hope that if others feel this case is tainted please also write a letter. I do not know anyone involved in the case i just feel it is injustice